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Wall art, Kolkata 3

Paintings celebrating modern Indian women on one of the walls of Modern High School, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata:

wall painting Modern High School Kolkata 1

wall painting Modern High School Kolkata 2

wall painting Modern High School Kolkata 3

Wall art, Kolkata 2

Wall paintings on the walls of Bunkaari India in Hindustan Park, Kolkata – an ethnic wear retail store which supports women textile weavers of Bengal, India.

wall art Hindustan Park Kolkata 1

wall art Hindustan Park Kolkata 3

Chakma woman, Chawngte, Lawngtlai, Mizoram

Her name is Doe Loda. She used to bring me tea and water to drink every morning during my stay at Chawngte village in Lawngtlai, Mizoram. Her beauty and sadness appealed to me.

doe loda 1

doe loda 2

Pinon Hadi, Chakma traditional dress

The pinon hadi is the traditional dress of Chakma women. The Chakma are an ethnic group (tribe) of people of Burmese origin who reside mostly in North Bangladesh and the North-Eastern Region of India. They speak the Chakma language and are Buddhists by religion.

The pinon hadi normally comes as a dress-set. The pinon is a sort of long and straight wrap-around skirt. The hadi is a sort of stole worn diagonally across the body over the shoulder. Although the pinon hadi is woven in many colours, the most popular colours I noticed were a combination of dark blue and red.

These photos are from my visit to Chawngte village in Lawngtlai District of Mizoram, India.

pinon hadi 1

pinon hadi 2

pinon hadi 3

pinon hadi 4

pinon hadi 5

pinon hadi 6

pinon hadi 7

pinon hadi 8

pinon hadi 9

pinon hadi 10

pinon hadi 11


Chanmari West Presbyterian Church, Aizawl, Mizoram

The Chanmari West Presbyterian Church in Aizawl, Mizoram, is quite a grand building in the centre of Aizawl, which is the capital of the hill state of Mizoram in North East India. Most written material about the Church was in Mizo language; hence I had difficulty in gathering information. The Church celebrated its golden jubilee in 2014, so that would make it just over 50 years old. The building architecture is modern and the Church is constructed over several floors to compensate for the gradient of the hill. Here are a few photos of the Church:

Chanmari Presbyterian Church Aizawl 1

Chanmari Presbyterian Church Aizawl 2

Chanmari Presbyterian Church Aizawl 3

Chanmari Presbyterian Church Aizawl 4

Chanmari Presbyterian Church Aizawl 5

Chanmari Presbyterian Church Aizawl 6

Chanmari Presbyterian Church Aizawl 7


Shahpur Jat Fashion Street, New Delhi

In the middle of New Delhi, close to Siri Fort, there is an urban village called Shahpur Jat. Shahpur Jat is a cluster of brick-and-mortar (typically) 2-storey havelis (i.e. homes of the wealthy with a courtyard in the centre of the building complex) which are homes to many Jat people from the neighbouring state of Haryana in North India.

Today, many of these havelis have been bought or rented and converted into modern fashionable apparel stores by many fashion designers from New Delhi. In fact, in Shahpur Jat village, there is a confluence of lanes and by-lanes with these fashionable stores aptly named Fashion Street. Fashion Street is vibrant, particularly in pink and orange colours.

I happened to visit Shahpur Jat village a fortnight ago and took photos of some of these colourful fashion stores.

Shahpur Jat Delhi 1

Shahpur Jat Delhi 2

Shahpur Jat Delhi 3

Shahpur Jat Delhi 4

Shahpur Jat Delhi 5

Shahpur Jat Delhi 6

Shahpur Jat Delhi 7

Shahpur Jat Delhi 8

Shahpur Jat Delhi 9

Shahpur Jat Delhi 10

Shahpur Jat Delhi 11


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