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CST Station Mumbai at night 3

Now the CST building turns red…

CST lit up at night 19

CST Station Mumbai at night 2

The lights change colours in a sequence, making the CST building alluring at night. In these photos, the building is bathed in colours of the Indian national flag.

CST Station Mumbai at night 1

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (the erstwhile Victoria Terminus) in Mumbai has been lit up at night. The building was built by the British in 1887 in Anglo-Gothic Italian architectural style.

CST lit up at night 1

Mughal Masjid, Mumbai 6

Here are photos of Mughal Masjid taken inside the courtyard. The first photo is of the building/cottage which houses the prayer room and a library (as I was told).

Mughal Masjid Mumbai 44

Mughal Masjid Mumbai 46

Mughal Masjid Mumbai 51

Mughal Masjid Mumbai 52

Mughal Masjid, Mumbai 5

Also imported from Iran were the three tier crystal chandelier and the Persian carpets for the flooring. The external facade of the mosaic/main door is clad with blue mosaic tiles from Iran featuring an art form widely practiced in Iran. The inner walls are clad with a combination of onyx and granite with inlay of several Surahs from the Divine Quran.

The Mughal Masjid is the centre of Ishna Ashari Shia Muslims in Mumbai. During the ten days of Moharram when Shias mourn the sacrifice of Hussain (A.S.), the Mughal Masjid and its neighbourhood attract huge crowds. It also holds the distinction of a single person – Moulana Mirza Mohammed Athar – addressing the sermons for ten days of Moharram for the last 50-odd years, which is probably a world record.

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to go inside the masjid – so long I stayed only in the courtyard. Here are photos from the courtyard


Mughal Masjid, Mumbai 4

More close-up views of embellishments on the walls and ceilings of Mughal Masjid:

Mughal Masjid Mumbai 27

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